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TRACE 2006

Invited talks  
Eckstein, Dieter Dendrochronological proof of origin of historic timber  -  retrospect and perspective.
Hoffsummer, Patrick The evolution of roofing in Northern France and Belgium from the 11th to the 18th century as revealed by dendrochronology.

Authors (alphabetical order) Title of Talks (posters see below)
Bär, Annette

Tree-ring chronology derived from ring widths of the alpine dwarf shrub Empetrum hermaphroditum in the Norwegian mountains

Beck, Wolfgang Finding best regression approach for description of climate-growth relation­ships by floating time spans of varying width
Bijak, Szymon

Answer to the climatic signal in the dependence on habitat type in spruce stands of Borecka Primeval Forests

Bleicher, Niels

Dendroarchaeology in the Federsee-basin (southern Germany)

Boeren, Ilse, H.-P. Stika, M. Knipping, M. Friedrich, M. Küppers

Dendro-ecological reconstruction of a Late-Glacial pine forest in Reichwalde, E-Germany

Boudin, Mathieu & M. Van Strydonck

Calibration of Radiocarbon dates

Büntgen, Ulf, D. Frank, R.J. Kaczka, A. Verstege, T. Zwijacz-Kozica & J. Esper Tree growth and climate in the Tatra Mountains
Chauchard, Sandrine, C. Carcaillet, F. Guibal

Threshold of land-use abandonment controls the rate of tree regeneration and forest dynamics in a Mediterranean mountain ( Provence, France)

Chowdhury, Qumruzzaman, N. Schmitz, A. Verheyden, U. Sass-Klaassen, N. Koedam & H. Beeckman Nature and periodicity of growth rings in Sonneratia apetala Buch.-Ham., a Bangladesh mangrove species.
Copini, Paul, U. Sass-Klaassen & J. den Ouden

The origin of large oak clusters in the Netherlands

Elferts, Didzis

Influence of climatic factors on the radial growth of Pinus sylvestris in different regions and habitat types in Latvia

Frank, David & J. Esper

On chronology development and changes in sample replication.

Friedrichs, D., B. Neuwirth & J. Löffler

Dendroclimatology in the Low Mountain Ranges, Germany

Gričar, Jožica, K. Čufar & Primož Oven Wood formation in locally heated and cooled stem of Norway spruce (Picea abies)
Grießinger, Jussi, A. Bräuning & G. H. Schleser

Combining different tree-ring parameters for a multi-proxy approach: an example from the Tibetan plateau

Heinrich, Ingo, H. Gärtner & M. Monbaron

Wood anatomy and Dendrogeomorphology - Reaction wood varieties caused by different experimental treatments

Helle, Gerd, T.J. Drees, P. Strauch & G.H. Schleser

Intra-seasonal oxygen stable isotope signals in the arboreal system – A case study with Pinus strobus and Fagus sylvatica

Huntley, Jacqui

Interactions between archaeology, trees and climate in northern England.

Kaczka, Ryszard J. & H. Morin

The dendrochronological records of debris flow activity in SE Quebec

Kahle, Hans-Peter Response kinetics of tree radial growth to environmental perturbations - A challenge to the equilibrium hypothesis
Laxton, Sarah, S. Jackson & D.J. Smith

Dendroglaciological reconstruction of late-Holocene glacier activity in the southern Boundary Range, British Columbia Coast Mountains, Canada

Lopatin, Eugene, T. Kolström, H. Spiecker, H.-P. Kahle

Long-term trends in growth of Siberian spruce and Scots pine in Komi Republic, Russia

Malik, Ireneusz & P. Owczarek

Dendrochronological records of erosion and accumulation in mid-mountain stream ( Jeseniki Mountains – Czech Republic)

Marion, Lena, J. Gričar & P. Oven

Influence of urban environment on cambial growth in Aesculus hippocastanum L. and Acer platanoides L.

Roer, Isabelle, H. Gärtner & I. Heinrich

Dendrogeomorphological analysis of alpine trees and shrubs growing on active and inactive rockglaciers  

Sanchez Vargas, Nahum M., P. Rozenberg, C. Bastien, L. Sanchez Genetic control of tree ring response to climate characteristics in a maritime pine clonal test
Schmitz, Nele, A. Verheyden, J.G. Kairo, H. Beeckman & N. Koedam Growth layer formation in Avicennia marina: the story beyond
Schweingruber, Fritz H. Life span of plants

Susperregi, Josue

Oak dendrochronology at the Basque Country

Treydte, Kerstin, G.H. Schleser, G. Helle, D. Frank, M. Winiger, G. Haug &J. Esper

Twentieth century as the wettest period in Northern Pakistan over the past millennium
Trouet, Valerie & A. Taylor

Fire-climate interactions in the Mediterranean climate areas of California, Southern Oregon, and Western Nevada

Vavrčík, Hanuš, V. Gryc & M. Rybníček Analysis of rootwood of Scots pine

Weber, Pascale & R.D. Bardgett

Radial growth as influenced by light and nutrient availability

Wils, Tommy H.G., I. Robertson, Z. Eshetu & M. Gagen

Reconstructing the flow of the river Nile from carbon isotopes and other proxies in Juniperus procera tree rings


Authors (alphabetical order) Title of posters (talks see above)
Beilhe, Fabien, S. Chauchard, C. Carcaillet

Dynamics of subalpine forest communities characterized by Abies alba in the northern dry Alps ( Savoy, France)

Bezzi, Marco, M.G.Cantiani & M.Ciolli

Comparison of different avalanche and debris flow study areas in terms of growth disturbances occurrence in tree rings

Calva-Vázquez, German, G. Razo-Angel, P. Flores-Nieves, M. Hernández-Tapia, Cruz-Munoz, A.R., L. Rodríguez-Fernández & J.L Ruvalcaba-Sil

Study of the elemental concentration variation of (metals) Mn, Fe, Cu, Zn and Pb in rings of growth of Abies religiosa and Pinus montezumae from Mexico Valley Surroundings

Campelo, Filipe, E. Gutiérrez, M. Ribas, C. Nabais & H. Freitas

Annual formation of tree rings in Quercus ilex L. in NE Spain: the support of dendrometers data and climate

Cejkova, Alzbeta

Influence of extreme climatic condition on radial growth of Norway spruce along an altitudinal gradient in the Šumava Mountains

Chauchard, Sandrine, G. Pille & C. Carcaillet

Large herbivores control the invasive potential of non-native Austrian black pine (Pinus nigra ssp. nigra) in a mixed deciduous Mediterranean forest.

Chowdhury, Md. Qumruzzaman, U.G.W. Sass-Klaassen, F.J. Sterck & R. Zweifel

Drought response on hydraulic architecture of Quercus pubescens Willd. and Pinus sylvestris L. in the Wallis Valley, Switzerland

Chowdhury, Qumruzzaman, N. Schmitz, A. Verheyden, U. Sass-Klaassen, N. Koedam & H. Beeckman Nature and periodicity of growth rings in Sonneratia apetala Buch.-Ham., a Bangladesh mangrove species.
De Ridder, Maaike

Dendrochronological monitoring of air pollution in the Ghent canal area

Devi, Nadezda

Phenotypical modifications of Siberian larch in the ecotone of the upper forest bound at Polar Urals, Russia

Domínguez Delmás, Marta, T. Vernimmen & G. Horneman

Dendrochronological techniques applied on standing structures: a pilot study on the Czar Peter House in Zaandam, The Netherlands

Drouet, Thomas, D. Demaiffe & J. Herbauts

The use of stable Sr isotopes in dendrochemistry: biomonitoring and understanding of tree physiological processes

Elferts, Didzis, R. Matisons, Z. Striķe & G. Brumelis

Pinus sylvestris tree-ring size differences at breast-high and at base level in different habitat types in Latvia

Fischer, Stefanie, B. Neuwirth & J. Löffler

Tree-growth based management system to realize rules of nature conservation

Gärtner, Holger 3D-modelling of roots - New application for analysing root system development
Gryc, Vladimír , M. Rybníček & H. Vavrčík

Structure of Norway spruce wood (Picea abies /L./ Karst.) with the occurrence of reaction wood

Gurskaya, Marina A.

Comparison of extreme conditions of the South and Polar Ural using frost rings in wood of Siberian Spruce

Heinrich, Ingo

True and false rings in Toona ciliata
Jourez, Benoit, M. Herin & J. Hebert Virtual microscopy applied to wood anatomy
Kaczka, Ryszrad J. & U. Büntgen

Growth/climate response along the Carpathian arc

Kagawa, Akira, A. Sugimoto & T.C. Maximov 13CO2 pulse-labeling of photoassimilates reveals carbon allocation within and between tree rings.
Kolář, Tomáš

Changes in species composition of historical timber from the Šumava Region, Czech Republic  

Koprowski, Marcin & M. Gławenda

Pointer years in spruce and fir in Mazury Lakeland

Koval, Iryna

Dynamics of pine radial increment under the impact of air pollution in Forest and Steppe zones of Ukraine

Land, Alexander, M. Friedrich & U. Sass-Klaassen

Dendroecological research of inter- and intra-annual wood-anatomical features in recent and subfossil oaks in Central Europe

Leuschner, Hans Hubert, A. Bauerochse & B. Leuschner

Subfossil pine wood and wooden trackways in the Campemoor (Lower Saxony, Germany) – dendrecological evaluations in context with the history of peatlands and climate change

Lopatin, Eugene, T. Kolström, H. Spiecker

The impact of climate change on forest growth trends in Komi Republic ( Northwestern Russia): combination of dendrochronological data and remote sensing analysis

Lūce, Iluta

Dendroecological study of Pinus sylvestris growing on a bog lake island in Latvia

Martinez Meier, Alejandro, P. Rozenberg, L. Sanchez, D. Salda Guillermina & P. Mario.

Genetics of wood formation in Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii (Mirb.) Franco), response to drought stress events.

Neuwirth, Burkhard & M. Hennen

2003 – where is the negative pointer year? A case study for West Germany

Osmane, Zanna & G. Brumelis

Age and spatial structure of a wet old growth Pinus sylvestris forest in Latvia

Penninckx, Valérie

Dendroecological study of Beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) and pedunculate Oak (Quercus robur L.) in Belgium

Popa, Ionel & Z. Kern

1876 - a structural pointer year for Eastern Carpathians

Rybníček, Michal, J. Frouz, V. Gryc, H. Vavrčík &O.Štourač

The influence of wood ants on the forest trees growth

Saveyn, An, K. Steppe & R. Lemeur

Is wood analysis a useful tool for studying growth respiration in tree stems?

Schultz, Johannes, B. Neuwirth & J. Löffler

GWL-Fingerprints in Central European Tree Rings

Steppe, Kathy & R. Lemeur

Will a mechanistic model for radial stem growth make it in dendroecology?

Weidner, Kathrin, G. Helle, J. Löffler, B. Neuwirth &G. H. Schleser

How do stable isotopes react on Larch Budmoth Outbreaks?

Weitner, Anny, J.L. Dupouey, R. Bailly & C. Rose

Tree rings chemical content fluctuations between acid and calcareous soils of Fagus sylvatica L stands measured by microanalysis.

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